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Technical Support


If you are having an issue with one of our products, please visit our support ticket system and fill out a support ticket. You will receive email updates as the status of your support ticket changes.

There may be a FAQ concerning the issue you are having. We recommend searching the knowledgebase before opening a support ticket.

We offer online remote support for our products. Our technicians can connect directly into your OPS or PreOPS station to troubleshoot problems or help with installation and setup.

To initiate a support session, first contact Rutherford Graphic Products technical support via phone or email. Our technicians will then ask you to download and run the QuickSupport application using the link provided below.

The QuickSupport application will present you with an ID number and a password which you must then provide to our technicians so they may connect to the computer. This remote session will provide our technicians access to your OPS or PreOPS station only for as long as the QuickSupport application is running.

Alternatively, you can download and install the Host Setup application which will give our technicians long-term access without requiring the QuickSupport application, and is useful in solving boot problems or recurring issues.

Rutherford QuickSupport

Rutherford TeamViewer Host Setup

If you've been invited to attend an on-line meeting with Rutherford Graphic Products, please download and run the QuickJoin application using the link provided below.


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